Webinar "Meet Your Influencers Webinars - Client Satisfaction and Bus. Dress-Code (December 6th - 9pm GMT)"


Thursday, December 6, 2018


09:00 PM Europe/Dublin

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Meet Your Influencers© Webinars - Client Satisfaction

Discover what's new in the Hospitality industry and learn that serving people is not a diminished job but the most rewarding and honoured one. Learn the standards, and how to make the interactions with you remarkable.



Meet Your Influencers© Webinars - Business Dress-Code

Use the first seconds of interaction to create remarkability. Improve your confidence levels and begin conversations being trusted by dressing accordingly on all social and professionals occasions.


  • You're in the Control;
  • Techniques to Make a First Good Impression;
  • Smiling, Greeting and Eye Contact;
  • Posture and Body Language;
  • Dress-Codes for Men and Women;
  • Q&A;
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Bruno Varallo

A natural-born leader, Bruno is in Hospitality since the day one of his professional career. Bruno joined the Team of Influencers recently to bring the flavour of his experience with people for the businesses.

Paula Falcao

Highly educated Science of Education professional, an expert in Elevating people. Dedicated to education, training and well-being, Paula will make you prepared for social and professional occasions.