Webinar "Meet Your Influencers Webinars - Acing Interviews (October 4th - 9pm GMT)"


Meet Your Influencers© Webinars - Acing Interviews

Set your mindset for a sales meeting not for an interview. You are the product they want to buy. Discover how to sharpen your pitch and use body language routines to impress your next employer or client.


  • A Learning Opportunity;
  • Against The Odds;
  • That's a Sales Call and Not an Interview;
  • In-Person, Phone Call and Skype Interviews;
  • Competency-Based Questions;
  • Prepare to Ask and Answer;
  • Body Language Tips;
  • After the Interview;
  • Q&A;
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Marina Tremura

International Human Resources Professional working as a business representative for WorkFlow ICT London. She helps professionals move and work in Ireland through the use of Learning and Development techniques.