Webinar "Meet Your Influencers Webinars - Time Management and Intl.Leadership (October 11th - 9pm GMT)"


Meet Your Influencers© Webinars - Time Management

Learn how to use your time efficiently to meet your goals and growth. Organise your life as a series of small projects and create accountability for your deliveries in your personal and professional life.


  • Time is Valuable;
  • Learn How to Spend Your Time;
  • Set Goals and Priorities;
  • Organise Your Life in a Series of Projects;
  • Schedule Your Time;
  • Delegate and Follow-up;
  • Stop Procrastinating;
  • Time Wasters;
  • Use Planning Tools;
  • Q&A;

Meet Your Influencers© Webinars - International Leadership

People are not managed to succeed; they are driven to achieve. Learn how to guarantee the performance of your peers by leading by example, softening your dialogue and using motivational vocabulary.



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Ricardo Santos

Operations Manager, IPMA®, certified Project Manager, +20 years’ experience in Renewable Energy, Telecoms and Urban Mobility. Entrepreneur and accelerator of Startups and SMEs.

Mariana Simizu

She an experienced Team Leader of multicultural teams on global companies, and she brings the newest trends in the management of processes and people leadership.