Webinar "Meet Your Influencers Webinars - Work and Live in Belgium (October 18th - 9pm GMT)"


Meet Your Influencers© Webinars - Work and Live in Belgium 

European citizen or not, you too can apply to work along our team of specialists for no one less than the European Commission. We're now accepting applications for several skill sets. WORK PERMIT GRANTED and TRAVEL PACKAGE INCLUDED for Non-Europeans, in addition to several other benefits. It's our commitment with the Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition stronger than ever.


  • How's Life in Belgium
  • Working for the European Commission
  • The DIGIT CV Template
  • Releasing the Open Positions
  • Salary, Daily Rates and Benefits Package
  • Deadline for Submissions

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Felipe Lodi

Felipe Lodi accelerates Businesses and creates Personal Brands by applying Exclusive Learning and Development Programmes. After 24 years of designing software for multinationals in countries such as Belgium, Germany, Ireland and Brazil, Felipe co-founded WorkFlow ICT, the business disrupting the recruitment market in Ireland.

Thalita Figueiredo

She identifies qualified professionals willing to develop a career or open a business in Europe. Thalita has more than 15 years of experience with multinationals in Ireland and Belgium, and in the recent years, she founded multiple businesses in Europe, assuming the Chief Finance Officer of the WorkFlow ICT Holdings.